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137 Brevard Court
Charlotte, NC
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Monday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Saturday 11:00 am – 2:00 am
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Cincinnati, OH

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23 E. 6th Street,
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Opening Hours
Monday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
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  • Zablong Peculiar Pizza

    Zablong Peculiar Pizza

    202 reviews
    Zablong Peculiar Pizza Location: 137 Brevard Ct Charlotte, NC 28202 Phone: +19802374371
  • Brian B.

    Brian B.

    What's not to love about this place!!? Polite workers, phenomenal pizza with unlimited toppings, and a cool atmosphere. If the weather is good you can grab your pizza and sit in the park.

    All pizzas are individually sized for someone extra hungry or enough for 2 if you aren't gonna be a fatty. Everything has 1 price and the toppings include everything from falafel to prosciutto to meatballs.

    Give this place a shot!
  • Josette B.

    Josette B.

    This is my new favorite Friday night spot. I work for a local pizza place and Zablongs is not your ordinary pizza joint. While the space is small, they make good use of every inch opening it up with community tables. I get the southern comfort with extra pork belly, add ghost pepper pepperoni and  finished with prosciutto. Amazing! There is no additional charge for extra toppings! This place is gonna be busy this spring and summer. My only complaint is they need a tip jar. The staff is beyond friendly!
  • Jessica G.

    Jessica G.

    What a win for sure. I still can't get over that you can get whatever you want on your pizza and it's still 9.29 no matter what. Watch out mellow mushroom!!!

    My hubby built his own ridiculous stacked cheese and meat and I got one of their signature pizzas for 20 bucks. Plus the owner was super friendly in telling us all about their ingredients and how they make everything in house. Take a minute to watch the video they've provided then get in your car and go. I'm already planning our next trip. Wish it was warmer so we could have walked out pizza to the park across the street!
  • Jay R.

    Jay R.

    Came here based off the reviews here and, yes, These pizzas are amazing! The following pizzas were ordered:

    The Vampire Slayer
    The Southern Comfort
    The Greek Philosopher
    The Meathead

    All of the pizzas were absolutely tasty. However, The Southern Comfort pizza knocked me out! It is a delicious mix of cheese, corn and yes, PORK BELLY BACON!*insert smile*...I am not even really a bacon eater. But, this bacon right here? Perfect. Add carmelized onions and green peppers with a BBQ drizzle, and you have an award-winning pizza...okay, a bit subjective, but surely on someone's top ten pizza list somewhere (mine included)

    All pies were 9.29 (1.00 extra for gluten free) and you can get all the toppings you want.

    The staff was extremely helpful and patient towards people who probably should have googled the online menu before making life decisions in the pizza line, lol...just saying

    The vibe is laid back. Seating is indoor and outdoor. However, it is small. But, on a nice day, you can picnic in Romare Bearden park across the street...or bring it home and try to fight the urge of not touching before you get to your house, lol...
  • Julie P.

    Julie P.

    Zablong is a wonderful pizza concept that comes in clutch any night of the week that you don't want to cook (or have weekend 2am pizza cravings). Sure it's not a traditional style of pizza (it's oblong) but I promise you, it's delicious. For $10 you can choose from their pre-selected pizza choices, or you can go down the line and grab your own array of toppings. There is a pizza for everyone at this spot!

    I also can't recommend the mushroom truffle spread enough, it's not overpowering and just adds a nice mushroom flavor throughout your pizza!
  • Hemanth M.

    Hemanth M.

    Alright!!!! My 50th review and Zablong's 100th review....
    Straight up 5 stars and no less.  You just cannot go wrong with the pizza here because you can customize as you desire and also their signature pies are just as amazing.
    Love it Love it Love it.  Zablong has become our recent go-to place for a pizza (especially when craving for one).  For 10 bucks it feels like you get a great quality pie, with fresh ingredients, cooked to perfection, and portion sufficing two easy or one very hungry person, lol.
    Their uniqueness starts right from the basics, the shape of the pie.  Yes its not round its oblong. I love it when things get little off the traditional way.  Their website - it looks amazing and scrolling works sideways and up-down (may not be unique, but definitely different approach).  Their toppings - they have all the toppings that you can imagine.  Great meats (we tried only chicken so far), veggies, spices, dried and caramelized veggies, spicy oils, fruits, cheeses (including vegan).  Only place with so many different kinds of toppings and veggies we have been to so far.  Toppings are unlimited and one can build their pie as creative as possible or as hungry as one is, lol.
    Its open late - yepp big plus.  Its open pretty late in the weekends and when feeling guilty or need midnight food, you got a great place to go and for 10 bucks!
    This is our recent love and am sure will be one for a long time.
  • Heather W.

    Heather W.

    I had seen this place featured on some Charlotte afternoon talk show along with a few other places and where the pizza looked good on TV, it was the online menu that sucked me in! Goat cheese, pork belly, puréed garlic! Sign me up! We recently found ourselves on that side of town (directly across from the Knights baseball stadium) so we knew we had to go. This place is tucked into an alley so Street parking isn't all that easy; I recommend going ahead and parking in the parking deck. The restaurant is very small and you order your pizza pretty much the same way you order from Subway or Moe's. Everything is right in front of you and they just pile it on...my husband got the meat eater and it's pretty normal- nothing out of the ordinary there but why go to a place like this and get something you can get anywhere?! That's like going to Baskin Robbins and getting vanilla! I settled on the Southern Comfort...a sweeter Alfredo sauce, cheese, basil, pork belly and corn. Added caramelized  onions and the girl making the pizza suggested I put some Italian sausage on it - sure why not! She also said "I know this is gonna sound strange but when it's done, let me drizzle some honey on two pieces and see if you like it" Honey? On a Pizza? Ok, I'm game...what a game changer! Omg! Wow! I can't even tell you how good it is- I'm glad she suggested it because I would NEVER have done something like that! This place is worth the hint to find! I promise you won't be sorry!
  • Cassie B.

    Cassie B.

    Yum, I love the tripping goat and the farmhand 🙂 the service is generally good. I've only had one guy that was a little rude and messed up my pizza which was a tad bit too greasy due to way too much sauce. However, that could never ruin the amazing food and the above average service from the other people that work here.
  • Dallas B.

    Dallas B.

    The absolute best pizza joint in Charlotte! The quality makes it hard to eat any other pizza in the area. The most fresh ingredients and at an affordable price! Not to mention the service -employees make you feel right at home. I highly recommend eating here at least 3 times a week!!
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