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  • Zablong Peculiar Pizza

    Zablong Peculiar Pizza

    283 reviews
    Zablong Peculiar Pizza Location: 137 Brevard Ct Charlotte, NC 28202 Phone: +19802374371
  • Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    I've been here at least a dozen times, and I'm always pleased.

    When it first opened last year, I was skeptical. I didn't appreciate the gimmick of oblong pizza. I felt like the name was dumb. I wasn't crazy about people describing it as "Chipotle, but for pizza."

    Those things are all true, but Zablong is worth your time and your ten dollars.

    Even when the line is long -- which it often is during lunchtime -- you're in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Your pizza is custom-made and the ingredients are well-curated. The employees are attentive and efficient. The patrons are all so happy to get a tasty pizza that even the wait time is pleasant.

    It's easy to dine gluten free or with other dietary restrictions. The menu is clear about what's safe for different diets. My favorite part is that the GF upcharge is modest (just $1) and when you ask for a gluten free crust, the employee helping you will ask "Is this an allergy or a preference?" If you, like me, have Celiac disease, each person down the line will change their gloves and use designated utensils. They take cross-contamination very seriously at Zablong. I so appreciate the extra effort.

    The menu changes slightly and seasonally almost each time I visit. I hope they bring back the horseradish cream sauce; it's a real delight!
  • Alyssa V.

    Alyssa V.

    Super impressed with this create your own pizza concept! There are several other similar places around town, and they've become recently popular, where you start with an unbaked crust and add your toppings before it's quickly baked. I think this is the best with the greatest variety and quality of toppings. I love that they offer wheat and gluten free crusts in addition to the typical crust, and that the toppings are unlimited. What really made it for me were the sauce options to drizzle at the end, I had the fig sauce and a bit of rosemary oil. So good! This place is great too because it can fulfill a wide range of dietary needs, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, you name it.
  • brandon S.

    brandon S.

    I'd heard this place had the best pizza in Charlotte but I was skeptical. I was wrong. The pizza here is amazing. Nice and crispy and slightly burnt at the edges (which is an absolute necessity with quality pizza). The best part is that they don't nickel and dime you on toppings. It's basically one price, one size and they'll do half/half pizzas if you and your son (ahem...) can't agree on what to get. Highly recommended.
  • Abby L.

    Abby L.

    This place is great! It's a fun environment with very friendly and welcoming people. You can literally pick any topping and it never changes the price. The quality of the ingredients are really good.  The pizza is big enough to split between 2 people...4 slices each, and you can even do half & half!  Come in and visit Tas behind the pizza bar! He will make your experience fun!
  • Derek L.

    Derek L.

    Zablong rocks!  So this place is super popular in uptown right now.  If you're in uptown during lunch time, odds are you'll see people walking around with those zebra striped weird rectangular pizza boxes.  Those are all Zablong.  

    My coworkers and i have taken to going 2 or 3 times a week to this place.  Its really great because you get to build your own pizza from the dough up. It's one price so be sure to load up on toppings.  Here's my go-to order: regular dough, angry tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, ghost pepper salami, meatball, jalepeno, green peppers, mushrooms, and top it off with parmesan and sundried tomatoes.  Thank me later!
  • Tim B.

    Tim B.

    I happen to be downtown to pick up clothing from my fav alterations shop and was informed the best place to get a good lunch was Zablong!  So...stopped in...and was amazed at the cool ambience!  Really cool place!  So went up to the ordering bar and was pleased with the great sauces that were offered.  One of my favorites....Pesto! So..being here for first time...had to creative to get the feel for the process.  Selected both doughs for the pie...wheat and white.  And began the easy task of selecting various toppings to top the sauces.  The server was great with explanations and descriptions of the veggies and meat toppings.  I have  had some great pies...but this turned out to be too good!!!  I have a "Lunch Buddies" group at work and could not wait to share the pics!  I will be back here again...and again...and will order pies for the Super game coming up soon too!!!
  • Shari T.

    Shari T.

    Fantastic! Think, Subway or Chipotle's ordering concept, but with pizza. You pay a standard price and can get as many toppings as you want. Speaking of, their topping choices are numerous and unique offering endless pizza building options. If you aren't in the mood to build your own pizza you can order one of their signature pies. It's a great place for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. The service is very quick and the staff is very courteous and personable. I'm always greeted with a smile and "thank you".

    In Summary:
    + Great Food (variety, healthy, quality, unique)
    + Good Service
    + Fun Location (despite being in congested uptown)
    + Good Price
  • Andrea H.

    Andrea H.

    Dropped in during a drink at the French Quarter and ate this pizza with friends in the courtyard. Stumbled into this place late night with little prompting (they are open until 3am) and picked up a pizza and was pleasantly surprised!

    Any place that lets you add any many toppings as you want and has a variety of sauces you know it's going to be good. And all for about $10 each pizza. I got the gluten-free crust and you couldn't tell it was gluten-free at all and the people I fed it too never suspected! Gluten-free crust can be hit or miss, so was very glad it was a HIT!

    THE STAFF- actual smiling faces! I know it must be tough to work in the food service industry, especially late on a Friday night, but every person I interacted with pleasant. From the guy who sauced my crust (ha ha ha), to the guy who took it out of the oven, and girl at the cash register- all smiled at me and didn't even ask for a tip.

    I would give this place 4.5 stars because that half a star demotion is because of the name of restaurant. When we saw the sign above the door, it looked like 'blonq'. So we stood there at 11pm after a few drinks trying to sound out the name! Is it b-long because the pizza is long in shape? It is 'blond' because you can get a white pizza? I don't know, what do you think?? It wasn't until I got my receipt I saw the real name of this place- Zablong. The 'Za' letters in the sign are unreadable. NOTE TO OWNER: Get a new sign, so late night drinkers like me can find you and continue to eat here!
  • Ron L.

    Ron L.

    The meat eaters pizza.  Extraordinarily delightful. Could only eat 3 pieces but my late night craving with be happy to oblige this leftover!!!! Netflix, here I come!  At $10 for multigrain, $1 more for gluten free, who can argue?
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