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  • Zablong Peculiar Pizza

    Zablong Peculiar Pizza

    279 reviews
    Zablong Peculiar Pizza Location: 137 Brevard Ct Charlotte, NC 28202 Phone: +19802374371
  • Jon C.

    Jon C.

    Awesome spot! Gourmet toppings, VERY vegan friendly, quick delivery, positive/fun staff, and great location. Perfect for after-work or an end of the night drop-in place.

    Note to management: We came in at 6:30pm on 6.16.17 and the guys working were absolutely killing it. Big kudos. Helpful, upbeat, and made this experience great!
  • You know, with the doughy undercooked crust, probably not 5 stars, but I'd feel like such a hater.  Gourmet toppings on a pizza that's enough to feed 1-2 people for less than $10?  Yeah, see what I mean?
  • Lori L.

    Lori L.

    My husband went here for lunch and gave me some leftovers. He was raving about this place about how you can get as many toppings as you want for about $9. He showed me his leftover pizza and I laughed because there was an insane amount of toppings on it! The pizza was really good. The toppings he got on it was similar to a chicken supreme pizza. Toppings tasted fresh and the pizza sauce was really good. I can't wait to actually go to this place and have my own pizza!
  • Rebekah R.

    Rebekah R.

    This place is fast , friendly , clean , and had delicious pizza . Lots of choices from signature styles or you could build your own . I got the farm hand and was not disappointed . It's an oval thin crust pizza that's cut into 8 slices . Crust was perfectly cooked ! I'd recommend this place , and will return .
  • Zoe H.

    Zoe H.

    We went to the Latta Arcade expecting games and were slightly disappointed to find out it was a mall, however, Zablong raised our spirits right back up. We walked in (there were games on the wall - score!) and were greeted with a cool atmosphere and a great guy working. We hadn't been in before and he let us check out the menu and talked us through the whole process.

    We opted for the specialty pizza on the menu already instead of creating our own with spinach and sausage but added some pepperoni and banana pepper for no up charge! It was so reasonably priced (only $11 for a decently sized "personal" pizza).

    I thoroughly enjoyed the music and graffiti on the walls in addition to the delicious pizza as well as their support for other local businesses and events - we learned about a local baseball game from our quick lunch stop!

    Great place, great people, great food. Nothing better than that!
  • Nikki W.

    Nikki W.

    Dear Zablong, you are my life saver late night when I have consumed a few too many adult beverages and you are also equally delicious on sober days when I am in need of lunch.

    The two best things about this place: they are open until 3am on the weekends and three words: ghost pepper salami. Seriously, GHOST.PEPPER.SALAMI.

    Zablong is a fast casual type concept where you can order from their menu or build your own. There is a laundry list of toppings. No matter how you want it, it's the same price. Less than $10. My current strategy here is to get the Meathead with angry sauce and add mushrooms, jalapenos, pineapple, sundried tomatoes, and crushed red pepper oil. What can I say, I'm a toppings whore. For the vegans out there, they have a lot of great options to fit your desires. For me, I can turn into a pizza into two meals.

    The workers are always super friendly and happy, which is a lot to say when you're open until 3am and dealing with drunk people. They probably all deserve hugs and holidays named in their honor.

    Zablong, thank you for being the spot Latta Arcade and the alley has needed. You are doing God's work over there.
  • Michael N.

    Michael N.

    One of the best pizza spots in Uptown Charlotte.

    When they first opened, I was a bit skeptical of the whole idea of peculiar pizza, but now I am a follower and believer.   Zablong is a custom - build your own pizza joint.   There are several suggestions they have on the right side of the wall, but you can put whatever you want on it.

    Go hog wild and make a super meat pizza, or as spicy a hell pizza, or even as gluten free and vegan as you can make it pizza.

    My suggestion is to don't over do it to much with the toppings and sauces.  Also, take the pizza to the park and enjoy the nice scenery. It'll be very relaxing and improve your outlook on life for the rest of the day.

  • Steve M.

    Steve M.

    Hands down the best pizza joint I've been to in a decade. It's fresh, friendly and fantastic. You have your choice of making it any way you want or choosing from a variety of specialities. Regardless  you're in for a treat. Not only is the food amazing, the service is exceptional. Always quick, friendly and professional and they will remember you when you go.  Be a regular, you won't regret it.
  • Kevin L.

    Kevin L.

    $9.29 for all the topping you want!
    Tried this place (or one very similar to it) in DC late last year. So, when I saw people walking around with the distinct rectangular boxes, I made short work of tracking down it's new location (which happens to be in the French Quarter behind Latta Arcade).
    As with the place I ate at in DC, they have a menu with a few signature pizzas. But don't let that limit your creativity. Because on the other side of the menu, for the exact same price they list all of their sauces and toppings. I think you could eat here every day for a year and still not get through all of the possible topping combinations.
    On this day I had a regular crust (they have multi grain and gluten free too) with tomato sauce and pesto basil spread. From there I was like a kid in a candy store with the toppings adding both some delicious meats and veggies on there. At the end, my pizza was piled higher than I originally intended but for the same reasonable price.
    This place should be a must try, must re-visit option. Don't get me wrong, it's not THE best pizza in the city, but it's a great lunch or dinner. And with all of the variety, a place you will never get bored of, and should always leave satiated.
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