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  • Zablong Peculiar Pizza

    Zablong Peculiar Pizza

    283 reviews
    Zablong Peculiar Pizza Location: 137 Brevard Ct Charlotte, NC 28202 Phone: +19802374371
  • Alex F.

    Alex F.

    Was excellent, toppings were fresh, crust was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  Overall great experience.  Will come back for sure.
  • Nicholas P.

    Nicholas P.

    LOVE personal made to order pizzas. First tried this concept in DC and was thrilled when I got back home to Charlotte and realized we had one! It's kind of tucked away in small part of Uptown called the French Quarter.

    They have so many fresh and unique ingredients that you can customize your pizza anyway you want from the dough to the sauce to what you put on top. It cooks in just a few minutes and is the perfect portion size.

    Charlotte doesn't really have many good pizza options, but I'd put this right at the top!
  • Aishah G.

    Aishah G.

    Love this place for lunch!! The pizza is so fresh, and they offer so many toppings they truly have a pizza for everyone!!  This would be a good stop on the weekend if you're in Romare Bearden park!  They have so many options, from crust, to sauce, topppings, and garnishes, you can't go wrong!!  I love the angry tomato sauce, its a little spicy but delish.  The people that work here are just the right amount of upbeat and personable it's a cool spot.
  • Hashani S.

    Hashani S.

    We stopped by for quick lunch yesterday and were not disappointed with Zablong's style. My favorite part, all pizzas are $9 and some change, and everything is customizable! The line moves quickly so don't be discouraged during the lunch rush. Everyone is super nice and even had energy to crack jokes during the lunch rush, much appreciated. I like to use their special pizzas, like the Vampire Slayer, as a base and add as needed. I thought the spicy chickpeas and red chili oil were unique and delicious. The ricotta spread gave awesome flavor, I wish all pizzas had a ricotta spread! The crust was nothing short of perfection, more flatbread/thin crust like. All in all wonderful pizza and very flavorful, beat out Brixx in that aspect.

    I do suggest cutting the cherry tomatoes into quarters instead of halves. Just would make things easier. We'll be back for sure, cheers!
  • Allison K.

    Allison K.

    Chef Tas makes a damn good pizza. $9.29 build your own. So delicious I could cry. It's a rather large pizza also so you could split it. So many options including dairy free and gluten free. Love love love it.
  • Angie R.

    Angie R.

    Zablong is amazing! Discovered this place while hanging out at the hookah bar in the same alley way and have not regretted it since!  A friend lives nearby so it always comes in handy on nights out and we decide to walk back to the apartment and want some food.  You can choose off the menu or go down the line and choose your own ingredients! For $10 it's worth it and is great for one person with leftover for the morning or to split.  We usually get a pizza each and customize our own and share among the 4-5 of us.  That way we get to try some of the many possibilities there are!  If you're into spice I definitely recommend their Angry tomato sauce!
  • Karina S.

    Karina S.

    Cool atmosphere. Great food. We went Saturday night of Black Friday weekend. The area was crowded, but we got through the line quickly and found a place to sit outside. They had an outdoor heater, but we were warm enough in our jackets without it.

    You get to choose all of your toppings, almost like a Subway. Except much tastier. They also have a menu of pizzas, including dessert pizza. We got the tree hugger, and we got a cheese pizza with no sauce for the kids. Everyone loved their food. You get your own fountain drink from one those computerized drink machines with the touch screen, where you can tell it to pour any combination of drink and flavoring. The kids love those things.
  • Shirley H.

    Shirley H.

    I love this pizza place, it took me years to find a good pizza place in Charlotte. I'm upset i found out about this place after i didn't work in downtown anymore.
    So anyways it's a local place, small but cute. It's in the French corner downtown to the right, it's around Likesome bars and other restaurants.
    I absolutely do love this place because it can't be beat for the awesome flavor and price.  cmon now it's like $10.99 for a pizza of your choice. Along with that you can add unlimited toppings for no extra price such as pork belly, shrimp, chicken, peppers, arugula, etc. It's a rectangular semi flatbread. So you can order a pizza of their choice, or build your own, or a pizza of their choice and add additional toppings.
    I definitely recommend it, i got the vampire slayer along with some extra toppings! I can't wait to go back and eat some more. It's a must every time i hit downtown.
  • Erin H.

    Erin H.

    This place is my new obsession. I went on a Thursday night around 7:30 PM and experienced no line. The staff is very friendly. I can't believe they charge a flat rate for each pizza regardless of the toppings - adding Italian meatballs and prosciutto doesn't cost a thing! The toppings are all very high quality and the pizza is delicious. Only improvement I think they could make is having wine as a drink option in addition to beer.
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